Update to the WeirB2B site

How many tabs do you have open on your monitor? When I go out and talk to Repair and Collision Shop owners and parts managers, they admit that they can have anywhere between 18 – 25 different tabs to handle all of the different services they need in order to run their business.

How people manage all of those sites vary. But what I’ve found is that there’s two different approaches people use when they manage so many sites on their computer.

  1. Book Marks: They store the pages that they need on their Bookmark Bar or Folder. This is a fantastic way of always finding the sites you need, when you need them. The downside to this however is that when/if you get a new computer, those can often be lost. That can be extremely frustrating when you need to get your parts ordered.
  2. Personal Memory: You know what sites you need to go to like CollisionLink, RepairLink, or Parts Trader. It’s second nature to you, but what if you need someone to do it for you.
  3. Never Shut Down:This is probably the worst for you, and your computer. So many people just walk away from their computer at the end of the day and they never completely shut it down. They let it go to sleep, and when they return the next day, they just pick up where they left off the day prior. The problem with this is that every time you do this, temporary files are stored on your device, and it ultimately slows down, which slows you down, which slows your business down.

Whatever approach you use is completely up to you and we understand that time is money. That’s why we’re starting to make some adjustments to our WeirB2B page. This week we’ve added links to RepairLink, and CollisionLink on our B2B site in an attempt to start putting all of the links you need in one place.

It also wont completely open a new tab when you click on the link, so WeirB2B is truly like a bookmark tab that you can use on your laptop, desktop, smart phone, or tablet. So let us know how many tabs you have open on average, and let us know how we can help you get that number down. But no matter what, restart your computer at the end of the day.

Watch OEConnections’s Video About Using CollisionLink in Parallel with Other Systems

Who should watch? – Collision Repair Shops
Video Title – Using CollisionLink to Access OE Parts Programs When Other Parts Ordering Systems Are Required
What’s it about? – Using CollisionLink in parallel with other order systems. CollisionLink covers that and answers some common questions.
Video Length – 37 minutes
Click Here to go to the video

If you have questions, contact CollisionLink at (866) 401-4610 ext. 1.

Build Code Lookups Now Available in Weir Parts B2B

Weir Parts B2B users will see a new link on their home tab. Our wholesale customers can access this feature through their weirpartsb2b.com login. The link for Build Code Lookup lets you enter a VIN number is get back the RPO codes, build date, model year, and description of that vehicle. This feature works for both GM and Ford VIN numbers. When entering a VIN number you can choose to display the full build code list or just the paint codes.

To request a weirpartsb2b.com account for your business go to http://weirpartsb2b.com/request-account/.

GM Fast Cash Video Tutorials Available

We’ve posted 3 video tutorials for our wholesale customers that participate in or want to sign up for the GM Fast Cash rebate program.
The first video goes over creating the account.
The second video covers filing a claim.
The third video goes over the documentation needed when submitting a claim.

The GM Fast Cash website is http://www.gmpartsfastcash.com/
You can also view the tutorials at http://youtube.com/weirpartscenter/

Weir Parts B2B Website Launched

Weir Parts B2B

Weir Parts Center and Weir Wholesale have launched a new B2B website to allow shops and dealers to order parts easily and accurately online. To request more information or sign up, go to http://weirparts.com/b2b.

Weir Parts Center continues to try to innovate and improve our customer’s experience. We know the internet has great potential to provide useful tools. Weir Parts B2B is one more tool we offer. Some of the features include…

  • Order Parts Online with accurate pricing
  • Stock Check Parts with Real-Time Availability
  • Access your Invoice History
  • Check Part Compatibility with an Online Catalog
  • Save Orders that can be processed at a later time

If you already have a user set up, you can log in at http://b2b.weirparts.com

If you’re submitted a request and haven’t heard back from us yet, please be patient. We’ve been bombarded with requests and will follow up with you shortly.

Weir Parts B2B Flyer

Weir Parts B2B Flyer Thumbnail